Gmail Phishing Scam Alert

Apr 11, 2018

Be on the lookout for a phishing scam that requests you to reset your Gmail password.

Here's how the scam works: would-be victims receive a text asking whether they've requested a password reset for their Gmail account - and, if not, to reply with the word 'STOP'. Next, they are urged to send the six digit numerical code in order to prevent the password being changed.

What is really happening is that the scammer has requested a password change on their account. That request sends a code to the real account owner to verify that they actually want the password changed. By sending the attacker that code back, you're enabling the bad guys to complete the password change, and now they have access to the account and the emails within.

To counter this attack, do NOT reply to this text. And to prevent losing your account to these scammers, it's a very good idea to have 2-step verification set up on your Google account.

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