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It is tough to drive on the beltline without noticing the Don’s Home Furniture Adirondack chairs in front of their building. It’s their way of maintaining a connection to the community. 

Changing out the colors of the chairs demonstrates their support for and recognition of some of the hardships going on in the world. Pride colors for the shootings that happened in Miami, blue and yellow for the war in Ukraine, all pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and blue and purple for Suicide Awareness and Prevention. Blaine Neupert, President and co-owner, explains that while 99% of people passing by may not understand what the colors of the chairs are for, it matters to the other 1%.

Don’s Home Furniture has been in the community for over 30 years and their mission remains the same: To offer quality-built generational furniture.

Blaine explains that this business was started by a family and is still run by a family. Starting as Don’s Collection of Reproductions back in 1986, they mostly carried oak furniture that almost looked like antiques from the early 1900’s. The store was then upgraded in the late 1980’s to Don’s Oak Furniture, the name and their logo at the time reflecting oak being the primary wood that filled their store. During this time, they gained a reputation in the community as being one of the best stores to find quality oak furniture at a reasonable price. Today, they hold true to their reputation with a more modernized look, their new logo replacing the tree with a single leaf symbolizes a new generation.

Over the years Don’s Home Furniture has updated their furniture styles as well. They are strongly influenced by Amish builders and Amish shops in the area. In 2022, the Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market recognized them for their innovation and adaptability in working with so many Amish shops. Today, almost 75% of the furniture on their showroom floor has been designed or influenced by their staff. They take pride in the high quality of their pieces, and in addition to their business being generational, so is their furniture.

Staying true to their roots, Don’s Home Furniture remains a staple local business. From partnerships with Park Bank or small, family-owned Amish shops, their goal isn’t the quantity of their locations but the quality and services their small business provides.