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Nonprofit organizations often have limited resources and employees may have to wear many hats, making marketing tasks feel insurmountable. Rather than looking at marketing as a mountain to climb, simply focus on doing a few things, and do them well. Here’s how to begin thinking through a marketing plan.


The Goals:

Distill your organization’s marketing mission down to a singular goal. This will help fine-tune your message.

Experts suggest auditing by setting attainable objectives and then tracking your success weekly against these objectives to see what is working and what is not.


The Who & Why

Connections can lead to donors and benefactors for your cause. Think about your audience: Who are they, and why should they care about your message? Ask this question for every tactic you execute, or creative asset you build.


The How 

Marketing can mean anything from a sign, mailer, partnership, social media post, email, event - there are so many ways to tell a story. With limited resources, start small and grow from there. Many nonprofits begin with the following:

Email marketing: Network Nonprofit Tech For Good offers 10 best practices for any nonprofit. From sending a welcome message all the way to making the big ask, this free resource explains how to do it.

Social media:  Are you maximizing your social media presence and tailoring your message to each platform? Nonprofit Megaphone interviewed 32 of the leading nonprofits for their tips, takeaways, and best practices.

Mailers: For many audiences, mailers are still a valuable avenue to share the message..  Review the dos and don’ts of mailers to help your organization deliver a modern and memorable twist on a tried-and-true marketing classic.


If you’re looking for additional resources for nonprofits, visit our collection of resources here or contact one of our knowledgeable Community Engagement associates.


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