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Throughout 2020, when people talked about what they do to stay healthy, they were often referring to wearing masks, washing their hands, and social distancing.

And while that will likely remain true for the foreseeable future, January is as good a time as any to also start thinking again about other ways to get – and stay – healthy. That’s where Orange Shoe Personal Fitness of Sun Prairie comes in.

“The secret to improving your health and achieving your fitness goals is by developing a routine and maintaining accountability – both of which we are able to help you out with!” says Emily McKiddy, co-owner and trainer.

Emily and her husband, co-owner, and fellow trainer John McKiddy, have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering both group classes and personal training sessions in a virtual setting via Zoom (which Park Bank’s Elyse Smithback says have been an incredibly convenient option with her busy schedule) with no equipment required.

They still offer in-person services as well, and keep a healthy environment for their clients by following CDC guidelines, including sanitizing all equipment, exercise spaces, and high contact areas between clients; ensuring trainers stay masked throughout the workout, and maintaining a minimum of six feet of spacing.