Credit Card Terminals

Park Bank offers a variety of credit card processing terminals to fit the way you do business. Your choice of the best terminal to meet your needs will depend upon your transaction volume, the location (stationary or mobile) of your machine, and your printing requirements. A Park Bank merchant representative would be happy to help you determine which terminal is most suited to your requirements:

Omni 3200 SEM

The Omni 3200 SE is a user-friendly, compact terminal with a silent high-speed printer. The large LCD screen displays eight lines of easy-to-read text making the terminal very easy to use and to train staff members on.

Price Refurbished: $380

Hypercom T7Plus

The Hypercom T7Plus contains a 35-key keyboard that makes it easy to perform all functions in a single keystroke. It is a popular terminal for restaurants because of the easy tip processing. The Hypercom T7Plus can support multiple merchant accounts, saving you the need to invest in excess equipment.

Price Refurbished: $400

Omni 3750 Dual Com

The Omni 3750 Dual Com supports both Ethernet (high-speed Internet) and dial-up connections. It has a sleek design that saves counter space, and functions are very user-friendly as they are presented on the large display screen. The Omni 3750 is able to support gift cards and multi-merchant functions and interfaces with all major check processors.

Price Refurbished: $475


The Tranz 380x2 is a stand-alone terminal that can be connected to a printer. It is versatile enough to handle a variety of applications to suit your individual business needs. The Tranz 380x2 can support up to two merchant accounts.

Price Refurbished: $250


The Tranz460 combines a terminal and printer in one. It features a small footprint that saves valuable counter space. The printer is able to use impact paper, which eliminates the need for a messy ink ribbon.

Price Refurbished: $300

For more information, contact Treasury Management at (608) 301-8655.