Merchant Services FAQs

If you don’t find the answer to your specific question on this page, feel free to give us a call. Sam Huntington will be happy to discuss your situation with you. You can reach us at (608) 301-8655.

Q: Who should I call if my terminal is having technical problems?
A: If you are having technical problems with your terminal, you should call the merchant service help desk. TSYS Acquiring Solutions (Formally Vital or Visanet) is your help desk. Its number is (800) 552-8227, and it’s available 24/7.
Q: Merchant fees are expensive, but I know I have to accept MasterCard/Visa to serve my customers. How can I lower my fees?
A: We would be happy to talk to you to see if we can help save you some money. There may be a way to qualify at better rates with Visa, MasterCard and Discover by either upgrading your current software or investing in a new terminal. Please contact Park Bank’s Treasury Management department for more information.
Q: Is it possible for me to accept credit card payments over my website?
A: Online credit card acceptance requires two separate, but complementary, financial tools, both of which Park Bank provides: a merchant account and a gateway account. The merchant account allows the background card processing while the gateway account creates the interface to accept cards over the Internet. In addition to offering both types of accounts to our clients, Park Bank offers a merchant account that will work with most third-party gateway providers.
Q: Who should I order supplies and equipment from?
A: The following are ways to order supplies for your credit card terminal:
  1. Order from your current source for office supplies.
  2. Order from the company we have used, TASQ, at (877) 279-1774.
  3. Order/pick up supplies from a local office supply store. Office Depot, for example, carries a wide variety of merchant supplies online and in its stores.
Q: Can you help me add acceptance of American Express to my terminal?
A: Banks are not allowed to sell American Express acceptance, but it is very easy for you to set it up. Simply contact American Express at (800) 528-5200 to open an account and then provide Park Bank with your account number.
Q: When am I charged for my processing fees?
A: All merchant service fees from Park Bank will come out of your account on the 10th of the month. Unlike other merchant providers, Park Bank will not deduct any fees directly from your merchant bankcard deposits. This way of billing is designed to help make your reconciling process easier.
Q: Why does my terminal ask me to verify the address of the cardholder and ask for invoice number?
A: Address verification and invoice number prompts are features on your terminal to help you qualify at better rates with Visa and MasterCard and to protect yourself from fraud-related losses. Not all terminals are set to perform these features, so please check with Park Bank’s merchant representative for more information if you would like to add these features.
Q: How do I generate a detail report from a previous day after I have settled out my terminal?
A: The Merchant Business Center allows you to access to historical merchant bankcard transaction information. If you have not logged into MBC, please see instructions.