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Park Bank Takes Guarding Your Account Personally

Our debit cards offer enhanced fraud monitoring to ensure you are protected.

Here’s how our debit card fraud monitoring works:

  • Our fraud monitoring tool will review your typical card usage to determine unusual account activity and evaluate your transactions.

  • If any transaction is considered out of the ordinary or suspicious, an automated service will contact you via text or phone call to have you verify the transaction. Be sure to keep your contact information with Park Bank up to date.
  • If you confirm the transaction as valid, you can run the transaction again and it will go through.
  • If you confirm the transaction as unauthorized, your card will be blocked to prevent further fraud.


  • If you are unable to respond, the automated service will leave a message. Your card may be temporarily blocked until you are able to return the call.
  • Remember, Park Bank will never contact you and request any account information.
  • If you ever are concerned about the validity of an automated call or text, or have concerns about transaction activity on your account, please contact Park Bank at 608.278.2801.

Anytime you are traveling, please contact Park Bank to let us know so we can ensure you have uninterrupted access to your account.

If your card or card number is ever lost, stolen, or used without your authorization, you are not liable for the unauthorized transactions when you notify the bank promptly. Claims are subject to verification. Call At Your Service at 608.278.2801 for further details.