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When we give back, we all move forward

We opened our doors right here on Park Street in 1966. For more than 50 years, we've grown by our sharing and respecting our community's values.

We continue to find new ways to support this great community, knowing that by giving back, we all move forward.


Maema's Story

Achievement looks different for everyone, and it's a deeply personal journey. For University of Wisconsin Linebacker Maema Njongmeta, achievement goes beyond the external accolades; it means becoming the person you were always meant to be. It's about the relentless pursuit of personal growth, the unwavering commitment to self-discovery, and the courage to embrace one's true potential. For Maema, achievement is not just about what you accomplish on the field, but also about the values, character, and resilience you build along the way. It's a testament to the transformative power of dedication, determination, and the relentless pursuit of one's dreams.



Centro Hispano of Dane County 

Centro Hispano is an organization dedicated to supporting the Dane County Latinx community. It provides programs and services that empower youth, strengthen families, and engage the community at large

Living, growing, dancing, thriving. In this video, we meet Local Entrepreneur Maritza, Karen, Executive Director of Centro Hispano,  Sujhey, Assistant Vice President - Strategy & Development Officer at Park Bank, and Leslie, Financial Educator. These are Latinx women who have immigrated to Madison and identified a need to support their community based on their own experiences of isolation. Companionship and leadership are not the only benefits of belonging and community as this program increases the earning potential of members in Madison by reinvesting into a community that has potential but just needs a safe place to flourish.





Maydm is leading community change through programs, mentorship, and internships in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Their goal is to inspire innovators, break down barriers, and accelerate opportunities for girls and students of color.

Maydm helps girls or students of color learn how to code using building blocks. Just like coding, our communities are built on foundational blocks of  relationship development, exposure and impact. In this video we meet Mia, a student that Maydm has helped to dream big despite any barrier by providing educators and mentors who allow these students to see themselves in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) occupations. Maydm’s partnership aligns with Park Bank's goals to impact the opportunity of the next  generation to increase their earning potential and financial literacy for a greater future and a stronger local community.