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Our new location on the corner of Fish Hatchery Road and Greenway Cross is now open!

Fitchburg Branch

Our new Fitchburg location is now open on the corner of Greenway Cross and Fish Hatchery Rd. We are so excited to share it with the whole community - it was, after all, built for you!

In conjunction with our newly constructed building, the City of Fitchburg has also been undergoing a redevelopment of its own on the Fish Hatchery corridor. This project’s aim is to make the street a more attractive gateway into Fitchburg, and we are excited to share in this same goal.

Use our Fitchburg location for more than just your banking needs.

We designed this space with the growing Fitchburg community in mind. This isn't just a place for Park Bank to do business, it's a place for you to...

  • Work remotely. We have open workspaces available for you to use when you need to have a change of scenery and get out of the office.

  • Host a networking event. Our beautiful space can be used for events and community collaboration.

  • Lead a meeting. The conference room in our space is perfect for holding meetings for your organization or business.

This new location is more than just a bank branch, but we’re still here to support your financial needs. Learn more about what we have to offer: