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Your Next Move Starts with up to $1,000 Off Closing Costs.

Buying a home is a dream we genuinely want you to realize. And Park Bank has the knowledge, the advisors, and the products to get you there.

Whether it's your first home or your next home, we're here to help you maximize your down payment with up to $1,000 off your closing costs on your home purchase. 

  • Accessible team of mortgage professionals to guide you on your home-buying journey
  • Decisions made at a local level so your purchase goes smoothly
  • Park Bank utilizes the best technology available to make your process easy and efficient


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Learn more from our experts about Buying a Home in 2022. We're covering the current home buying market - today's rates, getting an accepted offer, choosing a lender, and more.

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Get Park Bank Pre-Approved!

We want you to be confident that your financing is secure, which is why we do the work upfront to get you fully pre-approved – so you can move fast!

Pre-approved is better than pre-qualified, and here’s why:

Park Bank Pre-Approval* means…

  • Full verification of income, assets, and debt
  • Guaranteed financing

Other “Pre-Approvals” mean...

  • Self-reported financial status
  • No guarantee of financing


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*Park Bank will cover closing costs up to $1,000 for a first mortgage, purchase transaction where the home will be the principal residence and will be owner occupied. Closing cost credit will be reflected on the Closing Disclosure when the borrower has an active checking account at Park Bank prior to final approval. Closing costs excluded from this credit include owner’s title and transfer tax fees as well as prepaid interest or any escrow funds. The offer excludes WHEDA, lot, construction, Home Equity Line of Credit, and Portfolio transactions, as well as any refinance transaction. Offer is subject to credit approval and may change without notice. No other discounts apply; cannot be combined with any other offer.