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Transfer funds easily between accounts and financial institutions.

TransferNow® is a convenient online account-to-account transfer platform that provides you an easy and secure way to transfer funds between accounts and financial institutions. Financing big expenses is a lot less complicated when you can freely access your accounts at other banks. External account transfers are available when you need them from your online banking account or mobile banking app. It’s your money – move it when and where you need it.


Check Free: Paying Bills Just Got Faster

Paying your bills is easier and faster with Check Free (also know as online bill pay). The easy calendar function will let you pick the date your payment is to arrive, and it will automatically show you the earliest arrival date available. Most vendors will also receive your payment electronically (via ACH) which means that some payments will arrive within one or two days of scheduling. Paper checks will still go out to smaller companies not equipped for electronic payment, but we anticipate more than 60% will be made electronically.


Payments are Guaranteed

Payments through Check Free are guaranteed to arrive on the date you selected. If you schedule your payment according to the terms and conditions of the service, and it arrives late, any late charges (up to $50) will be covered by Park Bank.


Funds Withdrawn on Pay Day

We’ve made it easy on your cash flow by changing the timing of payment. With the new system, funds are not pulled from your account until the day the payment arrives.


Expedited Payments

Ever find yourself needing to pay a bill that same day? This feature will allow for expedited payments to be made with some vendors the same day for a small fee.



Some companies now offer the option to receive their bill electronically. You’ll have the option to sign up for their electronic billing through online bill pay. This means that you can easily click to open your bill and then pay it with another click.


TransferNow FAQs

What is TransferNow?

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TransferNow allows you to quickly transfer funds between your account(s) at Park Bank and your accounts you hold at other financial institutions.* With TransferNow, you have more flexibility and control over your money. You no longer need to obtain a cashier’s check, make cash deposits, or send an outgoing wire to transact business between your financial institutions.

Who is it for?

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Personal customers, only between U.S. bank accounts. Funds can only be transferred between accounts with same ownership.

What if my external account has different ownership, can I still set up the external account?

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Yes. For real-time verification, as long as the online profile of the external bank is the applicant’s and they are listed on the account. For trial deposits, access to the trial deposits proves account ownership.

What type of accounts are eligible for TransferNow activity?

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Checking, Savings, Money Market and Brokerage (Investment) accounts.

How do I enroll for TransferNow?

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To being using TransferNow, you must first be enrolled in Online Banking and authorize your external bank accounts on the full site. When you initiate a transfer, you will see what types of accounts are eligible.

  • Using your desktop, log in to your Online Banking account. Select “Transfer.”
  • Select, “Launch External Transfer.”
  • Add a new account and set up transfer authorization using either of the two verification methods: trial deposit verification or real-time account verification.
  • To complete the transfer, account titles and names need to be exact from institution to institution.

Why can’t I set up an external account in Mobile Banking?

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External accounts must be set up on the full site using your desktop. Once an external account is set up and verified, you may use Mobile Banking to initiate an external transfer.

How quickly will my transferred funds appear in my account?

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Park Bank offers two transfer options: Standard and Next-Day.

  • Standard transfers arrive in the receiving account within three business days. Clients will be eligible for Standard transfers automatically, and will qualify for Next-Day Transfers upon meeting activity and minimum balance thresholds.
  • Next-Day transfers, limited to qualifying accounts, will arrive in the receiving account on the next business day.

Multiple transfer options can be selected including one-time, recurring, or future-dated transfers.

Can I transfer funds to another person’s account using TransferNow?

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No, to complete the transfer request, account titles and names need to be exact from institution to institution.

What are the dollar limits?

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Limits vary depending on the transfer option selected. For questions regarding your limits, please contact a Park Bank representative.

Is there a fee for this service?

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There is no fee for this service.

Who is eligible for TransferNow?

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In order to use Park Bank’s TransferNow feature in Online or Mobile Banking, you must maintain your account in good standing. Park Bank reserves the right to disable this feature at any time.