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  • James H. Hegenbarth

    James H. Hegenbarth

    President/CEO, Park Bank

  • Paul J. Senty

    Paul J. Senty

    Executive Vice President/General Counsel, Park Bank

  • Susan A. Springman

    Susan A. Springman

    Senior Project Manager, Mullins Group

  • Jane Clark

    Jane Clark

    Founder/CEO/Managing Partner, Lake Effect HR & Law

  • Beth Prochaska

    Beth Prochaska

    President & CEO, Potter Lawson

  • Chad R. Armstrong

    Chad R. Armstrong

    President, Preferred Title

  • Jeremy C. Shea, ESQ.

    Jeremy C. Shea, ESQ.

    Retired Senior Partner, Quarles & Brady

  • James R. Imhoff, Jr.

    James R. Imhoff, Jr.

    Chairman/CEO, First Weber Realty

  • Timothy J. Kritter

    Timothy J. Kritter

    President/CEO, TJK Design & Construction

  • Andrew S. Petersen

    Andrew S. Petersen

    Senior Vice President-Corporate Affairs, TDS Telecommunications Corp.

  • James A. Senty

    James A. Senty

    Chairman of the Board and President, Midwest Bottle Gas Co.

  • Aaron Kostichka

    Aaron Kostichka

    President/CEO, McGann Construction