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Building Strong Community Partnerships

We opened our doors right here on Park Street in 1966, and our growth in the more than 50 years since is a result of the community sharing and respecting our values.

Our ability and desire to support this great community continues to grow, and we have learned over the years that when we give back, we all move forward. 

We participate in intentional and strategic partnerships with a few select organizations we believe offer an opportunity for Park Bank to make an even larger positive impact on our community.



Who are our Community Partners?

It is important to us that these Community Partners share our purpose. We are dedicated to helping our associates, our clients, and our community achieve. Whatever their goals, we strive to assist in building pathways to success.

Our vision is an ever-stronger community that embraces diversity, leads the conversation around equity and inclusion, and stands at the forefront of positive change.

Our Community Partners have the same goal for the communities they serve.


Maydm - Providing Girls and Youth of Color in Grades 6-12 with Skill-Based Training for the Technology Sector - has a goal to inspire innovators, break barriers, and accelerate opportunities through programs, mentorships, and internships for girls and students of color to prepare for a future in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Click here to learn more about Maydm and our partnership.




Centro Hispano of Dane County 

Centro Hispano - The Leading Social Service Provider for Latinos in Dane County and a Hub for the Community - is an organization dedicated to helping the Latinx community of Dane County by providing programs and services focused around empowering youth, strengthening families, and engaging the community.

Click here to learn more about how Centro Hispano helped their community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


What does it mean to be a Community Partner?

Our Community Partnerships mean a larger financial commitment, more robust volunteer opportunities for our associates, and specific programming developed between Park Bank and each of these organizations.

We have doubled our charitable giving budget in order to focus on creating deeper relationships with a small number of organizations – our Community Partners. We have also stayed true to our commitment to volunteer in the community, offering our associates 16 hours of paid volunteer time annually.

These Community Partners allow us to grow our positive impact exponentially. Our expanded budget means we can continue to support a large number of causes. Our volunteer efforts allow us to engage our associates in causes that matter to them.

We’ve grown considerably since our start as a small community bank on Park Street, and yet we’ve always understood that our success depends on the success of others. But we don’t just say we want a stronger community. At Park Bank, we’re driven to do our part to bring this ambition to fruition.