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Savings Accounts

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Save for the Future and Keep Your Money Accessible

The ability to save and maximize your money can serve you well throughout life.

Whether you are saving for your personal goals, to start a family, or need another avenue to growing your deposits for larger goals, we can help.

We’ve structured our savings accounts to benefit you in multiple ways. From high interest rates and the inclusion of online and mobile banking tools to lower fees, it’s all about helping you be prepared for what comes next.


We also provide more than your standard savings accounts.

Maybe you want to save specifically for health care costs. Or maybe your financial strategy calls for time-based deposits. Either way, we can help with the following savings needs:


CDs & IRAs

These term-based accounts provide higher growth on deposits that aren’t crucial to your day-to-day cash flow. They also receive FDIC protection up to $250,000 per account, so returns are protected. For current interest rates or additional information, please call Park Bank At Your Service at 608.278.2801 or stop by any Park Bank branch during business hours.

CDARS® - For larger deposits requiring FDIC protection, we offer the convenience of CDARS (The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service). This service combines the capability of handling multi-million dollar deposits with the ease of one single banking relationship with Park Bank. Simply call Park Bank At Your Service at 608.278.2801 or stop by any Park Bank branch during business hours for more information.

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Additional Savings Options

Health Savings Account (HSA) - If you are covered by a high-deductible health plan (HDHP), you can be on the line for a large amount of money before your insurance deductible kicks in. However, a health savings account from Park Bank can help you save specifically for health care costs. Learn more about HSAs.

Early Saver - This is a special savings account for those age 21 and under to help your kids learn the benefits of saving money. This account can be tailored to allow only deposits by you or by both you and your child. Call Park Bank At Your Service at 608.278.2801 or stop by any Park Bank branch during business hours for more information.


You get more than an account at Park Bank.

All of our savings accounts have unlimited access to:

Pro Tip: Set up automatic transfers from your checking account to your savings account on paydays to automate your savings!



Take a look at the savings accounts we offer, then open your account online!

Need help figuring out which account is right for you? Stop by any of our branches during business hours to speak with a Personal Banker to find the right fit for you.


Classic Savings

Money Market

Investor Savings

The ideal fit for you if…

You want to grow deposits through interest without high monthly minimums or fees.

You want your money to grow with a great rate while staying accessible.

You need a great way to enhance and diversify your investment portfolio while keeping funds liquid.

Special benefits

Your statement is combined with your monthly checking account statement for your convenience


Limited monthly withdrawals1

Tiered interest rates


Free personalized withdrawal and deposit tickets upon request


Money Market checks are available


No debit card activation fee; no monthly or annual fee


Limited monthly withdrawals1

Tiered interest rates


Free printing of personalized deposit tickets


1 withdrawal per month

How to open this account

Open online, or stop by any of our branches

Open online, or stop by any of our branches

Open online, or stop by any of our branches


1Classic Savings, Money Market, Prestige Money Market, and Investor Savings have a limit of 6 pre-authorized or automatic withdrawals per month. Frequently exceeding these limitations may require us to change type of account.

Your personal banking needs receive our personal attention

Our team of professionals is ready to listen. Get in touch with them today to learn how you can benefit from any of our account, lending or online services.

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