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Online Services for Businesses

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Bring Efficiency to Your Account Management

Convenience, efficiency, and security are essential to any financial management strategy. Business Online Banking delivers on all three of these principles with a variety of powerful tools for cash management protected by multiple layers of security.


Benefits to Business Online Banking

1. Easily keep an eye on your accounts

  • Check current and anticipated account balances
  • View transactions on current and previous statements
  • Sort and search account activity
  • Display presentments
  • Export account information

2. Have a central hub for all of your business finances

  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Draw on commercial lines of credit
  • Pay principal or make regular loan payments

3. Save time and money paying bills with Online Bill Pay

  • Easily add companies with the Quick-Add feature
  • Receive eBills
  • Set-up recurring payments and organize your payables
  • Add invoice details to payments for more complete record-keeping
  • Create reminders when payments are due

4. Review all check images you submit for payment

  • See a front/reverse image of paid checks, which may be printed or saved on your computer
  • Enlarge or rotate images for better viewing
  • Images available for six months

5. Protect your business from check fraud

  • The system looks to match up details for checks presented for payment with the details provided when the check was issued
  • You have the control to pay or reject reviewed checks that don’t match your records
  • You can import files for issued checks from accounting software and spreadsheets as well

6. Multi-layer security to safeguard your information

  • Complete privacy controlled through identification codes and passwords
  • Grant employees access to specific accounts and assign levels of authority
  • 128-bit secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption protects information


To get started with Business Online Banking, contact any Park Bank branch during business hours and speak with a banker.


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