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Make Banking Easier with Alerts Through Notifi

With just a few clicks, you can set up alerts to come to you via email, text, or push notification about events related to security, account balance and activity, and even fees hitting your accounts.


How Do I Set Up Alerts?

There are two easy ways to set up alerts on your accounts – using Mobile Banking by signing in and clicking on “More” then on “Alerts,” or using Online Banking by signing in and clicking on “Manage Alerts” at the top of the screen.


What Types of Alerts are Available?

Security Alerts

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  • Online banking password was changed
  • Online banking email address was changed
  • Online banking login was locked out

Balance Alerts

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  • Account balance above/below threshold
  • Account was overdrawn

Transaction Alerts

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  • Transaction over/equal threshold amount
  • Check number XXXX cleared
  • Credit/debit transaction was posted


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  • Outgoing transfer over threshold amount

  • Incoming transfer over threshold amount

  • Transfer failed


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  • Loan is past due
  • Payment was posted to a loan
  • Loan payment is due


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