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Park Bank Video Banker

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The convenience of an ATM with the personal service of a banker.

Park Bank is introducing Video Bankers as a way to make completing transactions quicker, easier, and more convenient, while providing the same personal touch that our clients have come to expect.

Note: Video Banker is currently available at the following locations: Fitchburg, Middleton, Old Sauk, Sun Prairie, Verona, and inside UnityPoint Meriter Hospital. 


Jocelin Estrada-Lozada

Jocelin Estrada-Lozada

ITM Supervisor

Location: Sun Prairie Branch
Phone: 608.819.4606

Daniela Carvajal

Daniela Carvajal

ITM-Relationship Banker

Location: Sun Prairie
Phone: 608.819.4610

Erin Smith

Erin Smith

ITM-Relationship banker

Location: Verona
Phone: 608.819.4610

Cassidy Waugh

Cassidy Waugh

ITM-Relationship Banker

Location: Sun Prairie
Phone: 608.819.4610


Video Banker Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Video Banker?

The Park Bank Video Banker refers to our Interactive Teller Machines, or ITMs. We are introducing our Video Bankers as a way of providing additional benefits to our clients. This machine can complete most of the transactions you might walk into a bank branch to complete, all with the convenience of an ATM. You can complete transactions without ever having to leave your vehicle – just like driving through a drive-up lane. 


What transactions can I run with a Video Banker?

You can:

  • Deposit checks and cash
  • Withdraw cash
  • Make loan payments
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Get cash back on deposits
  • Cash checks

You can also input up to 35 items per batch, so if you have multiple checks, multiple bills, or multiple of both, you can do that right at the machine.


Will my transaction take longer than it does with a traditional teller?

The transaction itself will typically take about the same amount of time as a transaction with a traditional teller. In fact, it is more likely to save you time as you will not need to enter the branch or fill out a deposit slip.


What if I do not want to use the machine?

Don’t worry – if you do not want to use the machine, we welcome you to come into the branch to run your transaction!


Are these machines replacing Park Bank employees?

The Video Banker still requires people – the banker you interact with on screen, and people on the back end making sure the machine is functioning correctly. The purpose of the Video Banker is not to eliminate jobs; the purpose is to ensure that banking is accessible and easy for you, our client.


Does the Video Banker on screen work for Park Bank?

Yes! All of the Video Bankers you will see on screen are Park Bank employees right here in Dane County.

Will my deposit be processed as it is when I go to a traditional teller?

Absolutely. Whether you choose to enter a branch or run your transaction with a Video Banker, your deposits will be processed the same way, and your checks will be available on the same schedule.


Can I use the Video Banker Machine as an ATM if I want to make a withdrawal?

Absolutely! Simply insert your card to use this machine as you would use any other ATM.


Can I put coins in the machine?

No, you cannot put coins in the machine, but you can get small amounts of change out, such as when you cash a check.


Am I able to get a cashier’s check from the Video Banker?

No, you will need to go into a branch for this transaction.


I’m concerned about privacy and don’t want people around me to hear my information. What should I do?

You will have the option to adjust the volume of the Video Banker, helping you keep your information more private than at a drive-up without volume controls. And, of course, you always have the option to enter one of our branches to speak with a banker in a more private setting.