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More often than not, businesses are founded because of a need in the community. So when Myra McNair noticed a huge disparity of mental health services available to all communities in Dane County, she knew she could help fill that need. In 2016, Myra founded Anesis Center for Marriage & Family Therapy, a black-owned, state-certified DHS clinic that provides mental health, substance abuse, and case management services. They offer couples therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy for infants, children, adolescents and adults.

Anesis strives to bring more culturally competent mental health care to the Dane County area. Myra has worked tirelessly to staff her clinic with racially and linguistically diverse employees because she feels when clients are able to see therapists who understand where they’re coming from and are equipped to deal with a wide array of traumas, they feel like they can fully express themselves. “Anesis,” which means a relief of symptoms or a place of rest and restoration, is the perfect name for this forward-thinking, community space.

In 2021, Myra was excited to learn that she was chosen as one of five minority-owned businesses to receive funding through a new Commercial Ownership Assistance (COA) program. Through the City of Madison, the COA program was created to help reduce racial disparities and increase economic empowerment in communities of color. The program establishes a forgivable loan fund to help BIPOC business owners in Madison transition from renting to owning commercial property. After almost doubling her business in 2020, and with nearly 50 staff members and over 1,500 clients, this funding came at the perfect time. Myra was able to use the funding to purchase her own commercial property and house her business under one roof.

Recently highlighted in BRAVA Magazine’s 2022 Women to Watch, we look forward to seeing more amazing things from Myra in the future.


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