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After working for a number of years as a Cosmetologist and Barber for ANiU Salon & Spa, Zach Zaricor stepped away to lead their newest venture, Blue Chip Barber Club. Several years later, Zaricor is now owner and serves as master Barber and Men's Grooming Educator.

“Blue Chip” is in reference to blue chip stocks. Blue chip stocks are derived from reputable brands, maintain their value, and are highly dependable – just like how Zaricor came over from ANiU Salon & Spa, a very reputable establishment with great longevity in the community. The other half of the name, “Barber Club,” has significance as well. Zaricor was adamant that he did not want to be just another barber shop. He wanted a place where gentlemen would feel like they belonged or where they could go to even just hang out like a club. And from the moment you step foot into Blue Chip Barber Club, you know he hit the nail on the head.

Blue Chip Barber Club strives to set themselves apart with their level of service and commitment to the craft of barbering. Advanced education is a key component of their success.  They have a specific culture and their patrons get a different kind of experience, a full experience. It is not only the haircut, the styling, the beard/shaving services, but also the conversation, the banter, and sense of community they provide. As Zaricor likes to say, “We are blessed with the very best patrons in our chairs, and we are always striving in Keeping the MadCity Handsome!”