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Home Blog Defining 2020 Through Film: Bravebird's Trace the Line
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The year 2020 started out with so much promise – a revival of the “Roaring Twenties,” with dates like 5.5.2020 and 10.10.2020 falling on Saturdays (hello, wedding planning!), plus holidays falling on perfectly convenient days to allow us to maximize long weekends.

And then…COVID-19 happened.

Followed by social unrest resulting from racial injustices.

And a polarizing Presidential campaign to top it all off.

And while most Hollywood studios were halting film production in order to wait out the storm, Bravebird, a local woman- and minority-owned video production company based right here in Madison, has continued to film and produce videos, including a segment of their Why I Love UW series and Park Bank’s Here for You campaign video.

And if continuing their video work in during a pandemic while implementing strict new pandemic guidelines weren’t impressive enough, they also wrote, casted, and filmed a feature length film.

The film, Trace the Line, highlights the unique struggles of 2020, and in doing so, provided jobs to 19 diverse families who had lost work due to the pandemic.

The film, set in Wisconsin, follows main characters Asa, a poet, and Eva, a visual artist, as they wrestle with concepts of racial injustice and white privilege during a time of pandemic, political turmoil, and social unrest.

In addition to the extremely relevant and poignant message of the film itself, the filming was shot in a truly unique way in order to maintain strict COVID-19 safety precautions, which also further underscored the tumultuous backdrop of the film.

Cast members never touched each other, remained six feet apart throughout the entirety of the film, and most scenes were filmed outdoors, creating a unique visual element to the film. The crew was small, practiced social distancing, wore masks, took COVID tests, had daily temperature checks, and wore protective gear throughout filming.

But while the filming is complete – shot safely over 21 days this fall with zero COVID-19 incidents – Bravebird still needs some support in order to complete the editing and post-production of the film in time for submission into film festivals over the coming months.

To support this film, you can make a donation here. You can also follow their progress on the Trace the Line Facebook page and by subscribing to the Trace the Line Newsletter.

Yes, 2020 started out with such promise. And yes, it let us down in a number of ways. But Bravebird, through their film, has shown us that there is always something beautiful found amidst the most trying circumstances.


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