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From pick-pocketers to vishing and skimming, protecting your identity can be an ongoing challenge in today's world. And if your identity is stolen, cleaning up the damage can be time-consuming and frustrating. That's why Park Bank is now offering a new ID Restoration service.

Identity theft can tie up your resources, steal your time, and complicate your life. Research shows that it takes, on average, a whopping 33 hours to repair the damage done by identity theft, and consumer out-of-pocket costs are typically nearly $631, a 63% increase since 2009. Every day, criminals are finding new ways to steal personal information and perpetrate fraud. That's why it may be a good time for you to consider identity theft protection services.

ID Restoration offers a host of services to protect your identity, such as:

  • Access to a Certified Resolution Specialist to help restore your identity and theft issues
  • An online wallet that allows you to safely store personal information
  • Monthly updates, plus tools and tips to prevent identity theft
  • A one-time scan of your name, address, phone number and bank account credentials in black market chat rooms, websites and databases to ensure your personal information hasn't been compromised

If you are interested in signing up for Park Bank's ID Restoration service, please visit a Park Bank branch or call At Your Service at (608) 278-2801. For only $1.99 per month per person you can sign up if you have a Park Bank checking account.