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Home Blog Is a Career in Banking the Right Fit For You?
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The banking industry is more than just the stereotype of a bank teller. It’s filled with opportunities to be a productive member of your community through helping others reach their financial goals. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, banks across the country were at the forefront of assisting businesses in getting payment protection program (PPP) loans. These PPP loans were needed to keep businesses moving forward and keep their employees paid. Banking is critical to community development.

Here’s why you should consider a career in banking:


Common Misconceptions about Banking

There are a few common misconceptions about banking, such as the lack of diversity or the need for people skills. However, there are many opportunities in banking that don’t require spending your days counting bills. No matter your original career goals, you may want to look at all the available possibilities working at a bank provides.


A Variety of Banking Career Paths

Banking is evolving and continues to change with the adoption of new technology. It has allowed banks to become innovative in how they offer everyday services to new and existing clients, increasing opportunities for new career paths within the industry.

A traditional entry level career path may begin as a teller, involve moving up the ladder to banker, and then finally branch manager. There are also many alternative pathways or options for people not interested in the traditional route that a person can take to once they have their foot in the door.

  • Credit Analyst → Business Banker
  • Loan Servicing → Underwriting → Mortgage Advisor
  • Teller/Banker → Human Resources
  • Teller/Banker → Marketing
  • Teller → Banker → Fraud Analyst
  • Teller → Lead Teller → Deposit Operations
  • Teller → Lead Teller → Cards/AYS (At Your Service customer service center)
  • Information Technology & Cybersecurity
  • Maintenance/Facilities/Security


Benefits of Working at a Community Bank

A community bank can provide development plans, shadowing, internships, and other creative ways to allow associates to experience other departments and find their passion and interest. The ability to be flexible differentiates a community bank from its larger competitors that may have strict requirements on sales, education, experience, and other prerequisites in order to move up within their company.

Impact Your Community. Live and work in the community you are helping to improve.

Flexibility. With more flexibility within roles, you have the ability to change processes and give feedback to optimize the bank’s success.

Family-owned. You are likely working in the same building as the CEO at community banks and may have the opportunity to get to know the CEO personally.

Working at a bank is more than just dealing with money. You are making a genuine impact in your local community. Banking employees help people buy their first home, continue running their family business and save for their futures. With endless opportunities and a company dedicated to helping you succeed, you can’t go wrong with choosing to work for a company like Park Bank.