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Take Paws is a professional pet care business that provides a range of services to both pets and their owners, ensuring they receive the utmost comfort and care. The company offers at-home animal visits, dog walking, dog behavior training, and dog boarding to help strengthen the relationship between pet and owner. Founded in Madison, Take Paws has come a long way since its inception in 2010.

After getting his first dog, Indiana (named after Indiana Jones), Scott Rudolph discovered his true passion for working with animals and decided to pursue his dream of professional dog care. With his experience in dog walking, Scott approached the then-owner of Take Paws, Caitlin Barry, and proposed a partnership. This turned out to be a great decision, and the duo soon became great friends as they grew the business from 11 to 800 clients, with 21 employees. Scott eventually became sole owner in 2018.

One of the most popular services that Take Paws offers is dog walking, which distinguishes them from other dog walking services or apps. Each client is assigned the same service provider, so the pet owner knows exactly who is taking care of their pet and who to contact with any questions or concerns. This helps build a relationship not only with the pet but also the owner, who feels a sense of trust knowing that their furry friend is in good hands. Take Paws places great importance on assigning a familiar face to each pet to ensure that the animal is well taken care of even when the owner is away. The company starts the process with a meet and greet with the pet, the owner, and the service provider. The service provider keeps the owner updated on how the pet is doing, constantly reassuring them that their animal is being cared for. All dog walkers undergo a training program with Scott, and they are ready to take on clients once he feels they are prepared.

Take Paws is committed to supporting the local community by referring clients to other businesses in the area, such as Shelter from the Storm Rescue and Underdog Pet Rescue. Scott believes in putting the best interest of the animal before the business and understanding that other organizations in the community may be a better fit based on the pet's needs.

Scott credits the success of Take Paws to word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients and community. He is immensely proud of his team, many of whom have been with Take Paws from the very beginning. The team's quality work and dedication have earned them a great reputation and will continue to help the business flourish. Scott and his team love what they do, and their passion for their furry friends shines through their work. Their hope for the future of Take Paws is to continue to help their clients and focus on providing top-quality care to their pets.